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How to approach acid reflux
(1) slim down, overweight may cause increased belly pressure, increased risk of acid reflux.
(2) Steer clear of eating before going to sleep. acid reflux disease could be improved simply by changing routines, such as don't eat brfore you get to sleep, and Increaser pillow is also good with regard to acid reflux.
(3) Do not drink the drinks that contains caffeine such as coffee, tea. Avoid ingestion of as well greasy, sweet food, such because chocolate, cake. Because such diet will reduce the lower esophageal sphincter strain, increased risk of acid reflux. In add-on, we should avoid drinking juice with bad, like lemon juice, tomato liquid. Because these acid refreshments will activate inflammation of the esophagus, increased upper body burning feeling and chest pain. Have several milk before go to bed is an additional good option.
(some) Alcohol consumption, smoking is among the factors annoying acid reflux, we should try to avoid such things.
(5) Avoid wearing restricted underwear.
(6) Slumber with pillow case padded for the right spot.
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